[Owasp-pantera] SSL continued

Thomas Munn symgryph at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 13:59:02 EST 2006

I figured out that the server is expecting two files, CA.cert, and the file
server.cert, however, I need to know the format that the server is
expecting.  I exported my ca, and my server cert, and get the error 'cannot
negotiate with url www.blah.com'.  I suspect it is because I used ripem 160
to sign my ca, and the server probably didn't like that.  So I wonder do I
use PEM files, pkcs 12, der?  What algorithms and key size?  And can I use a
self-signed, self requested key?  E.G. Do I have to somehow generate a
request from the proxy program?  Client or server certificate?

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