[Owasp-pantera] Getting pantera to allow me to edit form actions?

Thomas Munn symgryph at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 12:44:42 EST 2006


I am successfully using and installing pantera.  However, when I want to
fuzz one of my login pages, I click on 'edit and send' and I cannot see any
form paramaters.  The page in question is a login page, and I would like ot
be able to edit what the client sends.  When I do try this, I get a page
with lots of paramaters, but none of the text that was shown in the previous
page (e.g. the paramaters from the form that the user typed in).  How does
this work?  I can copy the session and put into telnet, but this is probably
not what you guys intended with such a cool tool.


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