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Wed Jun 12 14:13:43 UTC 2013

Hi All,

We received the following request from Prof. Tony Bailetti (Associate
Director, M. Eng. in Telecommunications Technology Management at Carleton
University) who is also heading an initiative in regards to critical
infrastructure security research and entrepreneurship. If you are
interested, please contact Tony (bailetti at sce.carleton.ca) directly. July
issue is oversubscribed but there are a few spots left in the August issue
if you are interested. Article outlines should be submitted within a week


On behalf of the guest editor of the July and August 2013 issues of the TIM
Review (www.timreview.ca), I am inviting you to contribute an article on
Cyber security to the journal (approximately 3,000 words).

The intent of the July and August issues of the TIM Review is to help
readers of the journal better understand cyber security challenges of
critical infrastructure domains (e.g., Energy and Utilities, Information
and Communications Technology, Finance, Food, Health, Manufacturing,
Safety, Transportation, and Water), enable the delivery of unified
solutions, and improve research, educational and commercialization
initiatives related to Cyber security.

Articles will focus on i) the current status and trends of Cyber security
or one of its aspects, ii) an important problem and proposed solution, or
iii) suggestions for ways to improve R&D and commercialization related to
Cyber security.

If interested in contributing an article, please provide by June 9:
1. A tentative title
2. An abstract (max 150 words) that describes what issue you address, why
the issue is important, how you came up with the main messages included in
the article, and who will care the most about reading your article
3. Short bios (max 100 words each)

The paper should be "ready for publication" by fourth week of July. I will
help you with the various iterations. The sooner I get something from you
the more I can help.
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