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Sherif Koussa sherif.koussa at owasp.org
Thu Jul 21 09:48:33 EDT 2011

Hi All,

For about the last five years, Karim and I have been the Ottawa OWASP
Chapter Leaders.  During this time we've tried to bring the best of software
security to the Chapter meetings.  We succeeded sometimes, screwed up
sometimes, but always had fun.  We've decided that it's time to move aside
and let others pick up the torch.  To this end, we've decided to hold
elections to choose a Chapter Board of 3 members in addition to a Board
Chairperson .

*Chapter Board Members would be expected to perform the following duties*

   -    Recruiting OWASP membership
   -    Providing governance for chapter and member activities in terms
   chapter mission and OWASP code of ethics
   -    Driving OWASP Ottawa Chapter attendance and involvement
   -    Deferring to, facilitating, and supporting the activities and
   projects of chapter membership
   -    Eliciting, scheduling, and coordinating chapter panels, speakers,
   and other sessions
   -    Scouting, clearing, and scheduling chapter meeting venues and
   -    Identifying opportunities for collaboration between chapter
   membership, OWASP global committees, and other organizations
   -    Collecting and auditing use of chapter funds
   -    Voting on chapter matters

*OWASP Ottawa Chapter Board Chairperson *will be a verified OWASP member, in
good standing, dedicated to the direction and governance of the chapter.
Responsibilities will include those of a board member. In addition, the
chairperson will:

   - Defer to, facilitate, and support the activities and projects of the
   chapter board and its membership
   - Represent chapter in OWASP forums, such as the global summit
   - In conjunction with OWASP Ottawa Board Members, set annual chapter

All board members should be prepared to:

   - Devote approximately 4 hrs every two we

   - Stand for election every twenty-four (24) months
   - Remain absolutely vendor neutral and
   - Uphold the OWASP principals and code of ethics.
   - Must be an OWASP Member <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership>

*Those who are interested to run* for a committee member or the chapter
chair, please visit the chapter's page www.owasp.org/index.php/ottawa and
add you name, email and platform in the page (you will need to get an owasp

*Every candidate *will have a chance to speak to the membership during our
fall event (September time frame) for 5 minutes. After which we will hold an
online elections so that everybody on the list can vote.

*We need two volunteers* to prepare the online elections and send an email
to the mailing list and count the votes...etc.

If you have any questions please contact Karim Nathoo (
knathoo at inverselabs.com) or myself.

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