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Sherif Koussa sherif.fathy at gmail.com
Tue May 15 15:22:22 EDT 2007

Hi All,

    Time for some delicious Italian pizza and our next meeting on Tuesday
May 29th. The details of the meeting are as follows:

Meetings Location:

*Rigel Kent Security*: 180 Preston 3rd floor .

*Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 *

*Meeting Sponsor: **Rigel Kent Security*
<http://www.rigelksecurity.com/>, *Macadamian
Technologies* <http://www.macadamian.com>

*Meeting schedule:*

     6:00-6:30 Food and drinks
     6:30-7:30 Main presentation
     7:30-8:00 Open discussion and questions

*Speaker: Rob Labbé - Microsoft Canada*

*Topic : Security Development Lifecycle for IT* - A discussion of the set of
processes developed at Microsoft to deal with security of the line of
business applications vs our products (i.e. the SDL). The unique challenges
that precluded the SDL process that work so well for Microsoft's product
line from working properly in the internal IT shop space will also be
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OWASP Ottawa Chapter Committee
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