[Owasp-ottawa] any life on this list?????

Brian Martin bmartin at precidia.com
Tue Feb 7 09:00:30 EST 2006

Ok. Cool. So there are a few people out there. Did you guys ever hold meetings? 
Or was it a lack of motivation, interest or time?
I googled OWASP because i've just started a new job where web security is pretty 
critical (Point-of-sale). My experience is quite limited so I thought this would 
be a good way to learn and get actively involved. I have plenty of linux/hack 
friends who know a few things, but I thought it would be cool to actually talk 
to people who have been doing this for a living.


Yvan Boily wrote:
> blinks..
> Wow.  Been nothin but tumbleweeds 'round these parts for a long time!
> I am from Winnipeg; unfortunately there was not much interest out here
> for an OWASP chapter when I started the local chapter.
> I am working with a local university student association to launch a
> new chapter in September, and fortunately I have buy in from my
> employer.
> In any event, welcome to OWASP!
> If you have any questions  Iwould be happy to answer them!
> Yvan Boily
> On 2/2/06, Brian Martin <bmartin at precidia.com> wrote:
>>Hi there,
>>I just discovered this list today but when i checked the archive, it seemed like
>>very little was happening......
>>Any body out there?
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