[Owasp-omaha] OWASP Omaha Oct 20th Event Slide Deck

Zac Fowler zac.fowler at owasp.org
Tue Oct 24 20:14:00 UTC 2017

Good afternoon!

*Slides and Presos*
Thanks to all who came out last week! If you would like to review the
slides from Mike's talk, you can view them here.

Most past OWASP Omaha slides and handouts can be found on the main wiki
page.  Some presentations were recorded and available as a video.

*Membership Not Required*
It was brought to our attention that talk of membership at the meetings has
confused at least a few people.  OWASP meetings are always FREE (as in
speech and as in beer).  You do not need to be a member for anything
OWASP-related.  Membership is just a way to cover chapter and OWASP Global
operating expenses.

If you'd like to read more about OWASP's values, purpose, and principles,
start here:

There are plenty of appsec folks in Lincoln who would like to set up an
OWASP Lincoln chapter.  If you would like to participate or lead in this
endeavor let John or I know and we'll help make connections and share tips.

*Next up*
Next Omaha chapter meeting is TBA.  We'd like to get one more in before the
end of the calendar year.

See you next time!
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