[Owasp-omaha] Securing Android: Tips from a First-Time Builder and OWASP Put to the Test

Zac Fowler zac.fowler at owasp.org
Tue Sep 30 11:25:10 UTC 2014

Good morning OWASP Omaha!

Our next chapter meeting will be on Thursday October 9th, 2014, noon at
UNO's PKI room 279.

Come join us as we talk about securing Android, as seen from the eyes of a
web programmer switching sides!  The intent of the talk is to expose the
OWASP Mobile Top Ten through the lens of a newbie, and see how OWASP can
make any builder better.

Check out the event and RSVP at

As usual, we will provide a streaming link the day-of, so watch your
mailing list inbox or follow @owaspomaha on twitter.

Hope to see you there!



Thu Oct 9, 2014 - *Securing Android: Tips from a First-Time Builder and
OWASP Put to the Test*

Presented by Zac Fowler, UNO's College of Information Science and

As a web developer, jumping over to building for mobile platforms like
Android and iOS is a very attractive option. The worlds aren't all that far
apart form each other. You may have tried it yourself. What are the
security implications that you should think about, jumping over from a
web-based world to a native platform for the first time? Join Zac Fowler as
he walks through his experience building an Android app, then applies the
OWASP Mobile Top Ten and feedback from experienced Breakers to the project.
Zac will go over common app use cases such as local storage and API
communication, pitfalls he found, as well as remediations for first-timers.
To close, he will share how the steps he used can be applied to (almost)
any project, and how OWASP plays a role in incrementally improving the way
you approach security.

Zac Fowler is a developer and project manager at UNO's College of
Information Science and Technology, ni charge of a student development
group known as the IS&T Attic. He as been programming for the web since the
late 90s and loves learning new technologies. Zac currently serves as a
co-leader of the OWASP Omaha chapter.
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