[Owasp-omaha] ICS2 + OWASP Cross Networking Opp., tomorrow 3-5pm Glo Lounge

Zac Fowler zac.fowler at owasp.org
Tue May 13 21:52:24 UTC 2014

Good evening OWASP Omaha!

Anna Sharack, board member of the Omaha/Lincoln ICS2 chapter, has invited
the OWASP Omaha community for a little bit of cross networking. If you are
able and willing, their monthly networking meeting is tomorrow, 3-5pm at
Glo lounge. (Glo Lounge is at 3201 Farnam St, 2nd level)

ICS2 Omaha/Lincoln holds monthly meetings in either a networking or
quarterly meeting format.  Check out
https://www.isc2omaha.com/index.php/events for their full event list.

Tomorrow John R. and I will be there to warm up the night with a "What is
OWASP" intro presentation, so come on out and say hello!

Thanks all!

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