[Owasp-oklahoma_city] Nov and Dec meetings canceled Happy Holidays

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Thu Nov 7 21:28:36 UTC 2013

Hi grace, and Owasp-OKC
Yes she is leaving, but never forgotten. 
Remember the hive here is a site you can watch the status of it. 
http://netgreen.us/page/grid-status (http://netgreen.us/page/grid-status)
Also the test-grid is up and running. 
https://tahoe.netgreen.us/ (https://tahoe.netgreen.us/)
Note: You may have to click through a certificate warning. 
This is my Info-Graphic to explain this in a visual way. (this is hosted on the grid)
https://tahoe.netgreen.us/file/URI%3ACHK%3A3lw3oh6us6dbkm5wzp254kvvsq%3Am4jlnefngsevgiit2qgv6kfky4svlwlb3rspnf7qvjzh36k5knia%3A3%3A10%3A3770456/@@named=/img001sml.png (https://tahoe.netgreen.us/file/URI%3ACHK%3A3lw3oh6us6dbkm5wzp254kvvsq%3Am4jlnefngsevgiit2qgv6kfky4svlwlb3rspnf7qvjzh36k5knia%3A3%3A10%3A3770456/@@named=/img001sml.png)
Jason Johnson 


On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 15:15, "OWASP Oklahoma City"  wrote:
Hi All,
How are you?
I haven't been to our chapter meeting for a long time due to conflicts with other schedules but hope you know I never forget our chapter. ;-)
I met Cassie at InnoTech today. She said she will move to Austin in two days.
I wish her good luck with her new job and new life in Austin and also your happy holidays.
On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 10:59 AM, OWASP Oklahoma City  wrote:
	Dear Owaspians of Oklahoma,
	Due to the fact that it getting close to the holidays again. I have decided to not have a monthly meeting for November or December. Unless anyone thinks we should? We could always do something online if we all wanted to. As always im here for anything that may come up.
	Jason Johnson
 Oklahoma City, OK
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Myung-Ah (Grace) Park
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