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Jason, Heads up the weather is looking a little sketchy today so I may not drive up from Tulsa tonight. Larry. 
BTW I am the project support person for the Code Review Project 2.0 so I was hoping to give a shout-out about that tonight. This is a flagship OWASP project. If anyone has any questions we are still looking for authors and reviewers. Please contact me if anyone wants to help out this important project and fun project.  Larry.conklin at owasp.org


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Subject: [Owasp-oklahoma_city] (REMINDER) OWASP OKC KICKOFF

KICKOFF TIME Tomorrow!!!!
This is a reminder that at 7:00pm tomorrow the 15th Wednesday @ the 404 in Oklahoma City we are going to meet and talk about OWASP.
I was going to make a slide show and bore the living crap out of everyone, but I am not going to do that. I have a few things to show everyone, and Cassie may have some things also. If anyone has something they want to bring up to the group we can do that too. I want to give everyone an overview of OWASP and answer questions if any.
This is OPEN to anything anyone and always free...

I have some very exciting things that are coming up. I have a project that I want to introduce to OWASP OKC  in hopes to develop it further. OWASP Hive Project! more details to come. 
Thank you all... OWASP is nothing without the support of its members.

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