[Owasp-o2-platform] 'How to start using the O2 Platform and its scripting capabilities?' (and how I used the O2 Platform to solve a hard integration problem in May 2013)

Dinis Cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Thu May 16 01:44:00 UTC 2013

I question I get regularly is *'how to start using the O2 Platform and its
scripting capabilities?' *

And although there are a large number of blog posts about O2 out there (see
here <http://blog.diniscruz.com/search/label/O2%20Platform> and
there isn't a good number of*'where do I start'* and '*how is O2 used in
the real world'* examples (hint: I could do with some help on the O2
Documentation :)  )

So to help answering this question, I just posted (grab a coffee first)
Using AST to programatically create a Proxy class for a WSDL webservice (in
this case HacmeBank and Checkmarx
contains links to a series of blog posts that explains how I used O2 this
past week to solve a hard problem and create a nice innovative solution.

For your convenience here are the links:

   - Adding O2's CSharp REPL to the Checkmarx main

   - Creating a REPL editor that is linked to a Code editor (with detailed
   step-by-step description of how I use O2 to 'evolve an C# UI via quick

   - Using AST technology (from ICSharpCode.NRefactory) to script the
   creation of a C# file (using O2's C# REPL

   - Using AST to programmatically create an Asmx WebServices WebMethod
   invocation wrapper (for
   - Creating an Lambda Method that creates an Asmx WebServices WebMethod
   invocation wrapper<http://blog.diniscruz.com/2013/05/creating-lambda-method-that-creates.html>
   - Running the Asmx WebServices WebMethod invocation wrapper on a local
   WebServer (i.e Hacmebank
   - Creating an API to create the WebServices Proxy Wrapper classes/asmx
   - Creating a WebServices Proxy Wrapper for Checkmarx’s
   - Using WebServices Proxy Wrapper to replace Checkmarx’s CWE Guidance
   with TeamMentor’s

I hope you enjoy reading these, and let me know if you have any questions
or need more details on particular topics/steps
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