[Owasp-o2-platform] [Owasp-dotnet] Are .NET WebServices vulnerable to CSRF?

dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Mon Feb 6 11:19:24 UTC 2012

I choose asmx because:

   - They where simpler to setup
   - TeamMentor already had a couple *.asmx based webservices which where
   easier to extend (which I didn't want to re-write)
   - I wanted to have a dynamic compilation environment (created around
   App_Code folder), which seemed easier to set-up via *.asmx
   - I wanted to have as little dependencies on web.config fire, again
   something that *.asmx seemed easier to do via WCF
   - I also wanted to implement a CAS based Security Demand solution, which
   again seemed simpler to created in *.asmx

Note that I have used WCF in the past, and I really like its flexibly, but
it did felt overkill for this project

Dinis Cruz

On 3 February 2012 16:45, Barry Dorrans <barryd at idunno.org> wrote:

>  Is there a reason you went the asmx route and not with WCF?****
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> While developing TeamMentor <http://teammentor.github.com> I implemented
> a number of WebServices (consumed via jQuery) and now on its final push for
> release I want to double check that they are not vulnerable to CSRF.****
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> There isn't a lot of good information out there and it seems that in .NET,
> *.asmx are protected by default to CSRF, with a possible exception of an
> exploit scenario using Flash (to set the cookies)****
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> Anybody has more info?
> Dinis Cruz
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