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Dinis Cruz dinis at ddplus.net
Mon May 23 12:08:33 EDT 2011

Is the O2 Scripting environment intelisense/code-complete working for you?
(if you put a . after 'ie' you should get an drop-list with the available
methods (if that doesn't show strait away start type something, for example

In the O2 scripts, to see which scripts you are using you need to follow the
*//O2File:...* references in the source code (In this case *
//O2File:Ref:WatiN_IE_ExtensionMethods.cs* )

For reference, the Watin scripts are here *
* (which maps to the
*C:\O2\O2Scripts_Database\_Scripts\APIs\Windows\WatiN*local folder)
and this is the file with the extension methods
* *that expose the IE automation functionality)
*Note that for IE Automation O2 wraps the main http://watin.org/ object,
which if you want to access directly you can access via the object
reference ie.IE.*
Here is more details about O2's use of WatiN and a number of videos showing
it in action http://www.o2-ounceopen.com/wiki/O2_API/WatiN
Btw, The best place to see these files is the 'O2 Development Environment'


On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 2:30 PM, Josh Dukes
<jdukes at securityinnovation.com>wrote:

> Oh yeah, so I got that far. I was hoping on figuring out more about
> the ie object. I've been reading up on reflection and trying to use
> that to interrogate the object for it's methods.
> When I'm working with a python module I don't recognize I usually open
> a shell and open my script side-by-side (ipython embedded in emacs),
> then I have the module tell me how to use it. I was trying to figure
> out how to get o2 to do this... I'll read through your docs. Also,
> where are scripts loaded from? I saw the c:\O2 dir and explored that a
> bit. I want to start modding the gui and tuning the tool to work the
> way I want it (like add emcas keybindings for my instance of the
> editor). I'll read through the docs you sent earlier and see what I
> can figure out.
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