[Owasp-o2-platform] New (Temp) O2 GUI based on my own version of O2

dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Fri Oct 22 12:35:47 EDT 2010

If you open O2 today and do the requested update (which should happen either
on the first run or 2nd (depending if you are executing a script directly of
if you are clicking on the "OWASP O2 Platform (ClickOnce version)"
desktop/start-menu link)) , you should see this new GUI:




The reason I'm pushing this to be the main O2 GUI for now, is because I
think it is a a better representation of O2 than the current v1.4 GUI (and I
use this GUI every day, so it's starting to be quite solid :)  ).

The v1.5 of O2 is still under development and will be based on
TiddlyWiki<http://www.tiddlywiki.com/> which
is an awesome 1-page Wiki engine. You can see it in action if you click on
the 'v1.5 GUI (TiddlyWiki based)' button of the 'Custom O2s' Tab, and it
currently looks like this:


Please take it for a test drive, and if you have some cycles I could do with
some help on the v1.5 GUI

Dinis Cruz

Blog: http://diniscruz.blogspot.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DinisCruz
Web: http://www.owasp.org/index.php/O2
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