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dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Mon Jan 4 12:35:36 EST 2010

(Hi John & Dan, I'm moving this thread to the O2 mailing list)

On the topic of O2 Findings Schema, at the moment O2 has a number of data
importers (i.e. ability to load data from external tools) and 2 exporters
(i.e to save findings in memory to disk). See more details here:

Internally everything comes to O2 Internal Findings format, which in
essence, is very similar to John's idea for OFS (which is interesting since
we were both working on it separately :)  ). John can you share your current
very-draft spec for OFS (Open Findings Schema)

Once the data is loaded (and filtered/manipulated) and we need to save it,
currently O2 supports the IBM/Ounce Ozsmt format (via XML Serialization )
and the O2Findings format (via Binary Serialization). The Ozsmt XML save is
actually faster than the Binary one (at the time I did not find a way to
save O2Findings using XML due to use of Interfaces in O2Findings
classes/Interfaces (... meanwhile I found a way to do it...so the next
version should support it))

Note that one of the powers of the O2Findings format is the ability to
create & manipulate the findings (in large numbers) once they are in that
format in memory. I want to move into the OFS as soon as possible, since
that will really allow O2 (and its APIs) to be a communication standard
between multiple tools.

Dan, can you send me an example of the type of data you guys are currently

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