[Owasp-norway] Medlemsmøte 9. april: Security of Machine Learning - Stian Kristoffersen

Ståle Pettersen staale at gmail.com
Fre 1. Mar 2019 11:04:22 UTC

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Tid: mandag 9. april 2019 kl 17:00 - 19:00
Sted: Teknologihuset, Pilestredet 56, Oslo

Stian Kristoffersen from Deepinsight will come and talk about security
of machine learning.

Machine Learning (ML) continues to be a trendy tool for many types of
problems, including security. But is ML itself secure? This talk will
give an introduction to attacks on ML like changing predictions,
recovering sensitive information, and stealing someone else's models.
Examples include misdirection by changing a few pixels in an image, by
using 3D printed models, and by hiding long messages in short sound
bites. We will conclude with some current research directions to
mitigate these attacks. Prior experience with ML is useful, but not

Pizza and soda will be served at the meetup, sponsored by Deepinsight

A big thanks to mnemonic (https://www.mnemonic.no/) for supporting the
OWASP Norway Day 2018 as a platinum sponsor.

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