[Owasp-ngaoundere] Programme - Learn to Be Secured and Get Safe - Invitation to edit

Franklin Tchakounté (via Google Sheets) drive-shares-noreply at google.com
Wed Jul 13 12:05:20 UTC 2016

I've shared an item with you:

Programme -  Learn to Be Secured and Get Safe

It's not an attachment -- it's stored online. To open this item, just click  
the link above.

Find here the proposal of the planning of the OWASP Ngaoundéré event. You  
can add yourself in activities in which you would like to participate.

" Recevez ici-joint une proposition de l'évènement OWASP Ngaoundéré Ce  
Samedi. Vous pouvez vous enregistrer dans une activité dans laquelle vous  
souhaitez participer"
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