[Owasp-New_Zealand] OWASP NZ Meeting

Roberto Suggi Liverani robertosl at owasp.org
Wed Sep 3 20:38:15 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,
Thanks for attending the OWASP meeting yesterday. I am sorry we couldn't
have video-conference but next time, hopefully, it is going to be better.
Big thanks to Muhaimin Dzulfakar for his very good presentation.

Also, I want to thank Microsoft for sponsoring the event in Auckland and
especially Alec Lawton and Dave Gautrey for setting up everything.

Unfortunately, we had a problem yesterday. Someone took a Microsoft access
card and did not return it. Multiple access cards were kindly made available
to access bathrooms and to enter/exit from the building.

Honestly, I don't think it has been lost and I do not understand and do not
tolerate this type of immature attitude.

Sponsors offer us food/drinks/venue for free and that should be respected
and appreciated. People who fail to understand this simple concept should
not be part of the OWASP chapter.

We have informal/friendly meetings but this is not a reason/occasion to
downgrade the quality of what we do. At the opposite, this atmosphere should
help people socialise, interact and contribute to OWASP.

Finally, as I don't like to repeat myself, I am pretty confident this type
of issue won't happen in the future again.


Roberto Suggi Liverani
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