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Andrew Pannell andrew.pannell at owasp.org
Mon May 14 16:07:22 UTC 2018

*Hey,You may have noticed we have decided to postpone our May event. We
assure you this has nothing to do with GDPR! But rather that we’re looking
to do something exciting.You may have seen our twitter poll
<https://twitter.com/OWASP_Newcastle/status/991716097626923008>), if not
then spoiler we’re looking to run a capture the flag competition.We will
provide more details nearer to the time, but you can compete in a team or
on your own. There will be food and drink provided and a leaderboard will
be setup to give an air of friendly competition to the evening.
Technologies and exploits will be standard web app type
vulnerabilities.We’re looking to do this on Tuesday 26th June, and have a
room booked from 6pm til around 10pm, so it’s likely the CTF will run for
around 3 hours, and then we can award prizes to the top 3 teams, as well as
anyone else we think has done great or particularly foolish things (people
have been known to wipe entire servers by mistake). We’ll also have the
OWASP leaders giving friendly hints during the challenge. This means that
if you haven’t tried a CTF before, there’s no reason not to team up and
give it a go.If you’re interested in giving it a go, tickets are available
on eventbrite
and we’ll be sending out a reminder email via eventbrite a week before to
gauge the amount of people who will be attending. We had a lot of
registrations for our event in March but turnout wasn’t quite as many as
we’d hoped. So if you can’t attend please return your ticket so someone
else has a chance of grabbing one.*If anyone has any questions, comments,
feedback feel free to drop me an email.


Andrew Pannell
*Newcastle Chapter Leader and member of Mobile Security Project*
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