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Andrew Pannell andrew.pannell at owasp.org
Thu Oct 5 07:52:49 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to provide a quick update following the last OWASP Newcastle
meeting. Some of you may know me, my name is Andrew/Andi and I've been to
the last 2 OWASP Newcastle meetings now. Along with Connor, Mike and Robin,
I am now a chapter leader for this branch.

A little about me; I work in the North East as a penetration tester, my
main interests are security of mobile apps, SCADA systems and I'm an
advocate for internet privacy and free speech. Inside OWASP I contribute to
the OWASP mobile project too.

As a way to help improve the events we run, I've designed a survey on
surveymonkey. All the feedback will be anonynmous and answers will be used
to help run things the way you'd like as well as to get an idea of what
topics people want to hear about. The survey has 6 questions so won't take
you long, and if you get a chance to complete it then it'd be much

The survey is here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/QXQX6MR

I'll leave it up for a while. If anyone has any questions about the survey
or me feel free to email me on this address.

Thanks and see you at the next OWASP Newcastle meeting.


*Mobile Security Project*
*Contributor** and Member*
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