[Owasp-newcastle] Agenda for tonight

Connor Carr connor.carr at owasp.org
Tue Mar 24 08:39:13 UTC 2015

Hi all, the agenda for tonight is as follows:


 Presentation on OWASP goals and the Newcastle chapter goals are (15 mins).

After that there will be a 60~ minute talk

45 minute food and networking break

A second 60~ minute presentation

The rest will be networking/we can pop to the pub if a few people are

Neil Dixley

"Cognitive bias and it's role in security vulnerabilities"

An introduction to the psychology of cognitive bias and how human nature
and cognitive biases are the key to user based security vulnerabilities.

A look at how our brains trick us into feeling safe while giving our pin
number to strangers on the phone plus a look at how we can use technology
to disrupt cognitive bias and use these human traits to mitigate threats
and strengthen application security.

 Andy Ward

Security Compliance for Developers - Are we Certified... or Certifiable?

Against a background of increasing threats and hacks, with more and more of
our personal lives and business processes conducted online, it's never been
more important to ensure our software is secure and robust. But how do you
prove it? These days, reassuring your customers takes more than an SSL
padlock, and some marketing spiel mentioning 'banking grade encryption'!

After a quick reminder of "what's the worst that can happen...", Andy will
introduce some of the security Compliance and Certification systems that
help you 'walk the walk', and provide confidence that your system has its
security in good hands, before looking at what it means for developers and
engineering teams.
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