[Owasp-newcastle] OWASP Newcastle Event Update

Ian Appleby ian.appleby at bcs.org
Wed Oct 22 19:02:59 UTC 2014

Any word on how this is developing?


Up to 44 on the poll, that’d be an impressive turnout for a for a first event, the interest is clearly here.


Thanks for kicking it off Conner, be great if we can get a community alive kicking.






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Hello everyone, we have some excellent talks scheduled, I'll be trying to secure a venue next week and we can start discussing potential dates later. If you could all fill out this strawpoll to let me know what days of the week are best for you  <http://strawpoll.me/2528895> http://strawpoll.me/2528895. You can choose multiple days and the end result will also be determined by speaker availability.


A bit of a teaser on what we have ready at the event is attached.

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