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Thank you to Sahil Shah for attending the final ceremony in Birmingham on
behalf of AppSensor project. The official announcement is attached below,
but AppSensor was not the winner or runner up. Our entry:


was the North East finalist, but the awards were given to projects with
more of a local community focus.

Thank you to everyone who voted, and to Sahil Shah for standing in on the
day. The project received some visibility regardless.



(sent to Newcastle and Birmingham chapter lists, and the AppSensor project

Fiona Bates <Fiona.Bates at harvard.co.uk>
*To:* Fiona Bates <Fiona.Bates at harvard.co.uk>
*Date:* 15.04.2013 13:40
*Subject: CyberSmart Awards*

Hi all,

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

>From The CyberSmart team, we just wanted to take this opportunity to extend
our thanks and deep appreciation for entering and supporting the first ever
ESET CyberSmart Awards.

It was fantastic to see so many faces at the ceremony in Birmingham on
Friday and to meet the individuals behind all the hard work put forward for
this year’s awards. We were overwhelmed with the calibre of the nominations,
and the enthusiasm for internet safety from all the attendees. Hopefully
you also found the awards not only inspirational but fun as well, and
enjoyed the opportunity to speak and network with as many of your fellow
supporters of cyber safety as possible.

Congratulations again to our overall winner – Caught in the Net – as well
as our first and second runners-up, Make IT Happy 2013 and Learning for the
Fourth Age. Below is a little reminder about each of our winning

*CyberSmart Awards 2013 winner:* *Caught in the Net * is a drama
performance and workshop group aiming to raise awareness in schools about
online dangers. Based in Scotland, the scheme aims to educate young people,
parents and carers about issues such as cyber-bullying, online grooming,
identity theft, mobile phone addiction and organised crime. Excitingly, the
play will also be performed at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

*First runner-up: Make IT Happy 2013 *is a primary schools competition
aiming to instil internet safety skills in pupils aged 9-11.* *In
partnership with PICTFOR, the Parliamentary ICT Forum, ‘Make IT Happy 2013’*
*also offers completely free, 4.5 hours’ worth, of detailed lesson plans
and other resources to help teachers explore the importance of cyber safety.

*Second runner-up: ‘Learning for the Fourth Age’*  works one-to-one with
older people in care settings to provide tailored learning opportunities,
and helps local older people in the Leicester area improve their internet
security awareness. Using a fleet of tablets, e-readers and FlipCams,
‘Learning for the Fourth Age’ aims to create a safe environment where older
people can learn by ‘doing’.

Hopefully, if you weren’t able to attend you were able to follow the awards
on Facebook and Twitter using the #cybersmart hashtag. Also, please
remember to visit the CyberSmart website for photos from the event, which
will be uploaded shortly.

We would love to see you all enter again next year, so please keep a
look-out on our blog for when the awards open again in January.

Best wishes,

The CyberSmart Awards Team

*Fiona Bates*
Account director

26 Southampton Buildings
London WC2A 1PQ
Direct Line +44 (0)20 7861 3195
Mob: +44 (0)7833400993

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