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*ENIGMA** *–* Brazilian Journal  *

*of Information Security and Cryptography*


* *

*                   Call for Papers*


The ENIGMA – Brazilian Journal of Information Security and Cryptography –
is a technical-scientific publication that aims at discussing theoretical
aspect contributions and practical applications results in information
security, cryptography and cyber defense as well as fundamental subjects in
support of those issues.

This journal is directed to academia researchers, industry professionals,
members of government and military organizations, and all people that have
interest in the area of information security and cryptography in order to
disseminate and share their new technologies, scientific discoveries and
research contributions.

The creation of this periodical is due the necessity to solve a gap
represented by the lack of a technical-scientific Brazilian journal that
emphasizes information security and cryptography. In this manner, ENIGMA –
Brazilian Journal of Information Security and Cryptography – must provide
this demand, publishing papers of high quality within the international

In this manner, ENIGMA – Brazilian Journal of Information Security and
Cryptography – will fulfill this demand, and will publish state-of-art and
original research papers and timely review articles on the theory, design,
and evaluation of all aspects of information, network and system security.

* *

*Important Dates*

Submission deadline: *22 April 2012 (Extended)*
Authors notification: 24 September 2012
Camera Ready version: 08 October 2012
Publishing: November 2012

*Topics of Interest *

Considering the goals presented above, ENIGMA – Brazilian Journal of
Information Security and Cryptography – will publish original papers
including (but not limited to) the following interest topics:

Authentication and Authorization
Anonymity and Privacy
Attacks on Information Systems
Attacks on Web Applications
Audit of Information Systems

Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spam, Anti-Fraud Techniques

Artificial Intelligence applied to Information Security
Biometrics in Security Systems
Combat Electronic Fraud
Computational Tools
Cryptographic Hash
Cryptanalysis Methods
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Context-Based Security

Database Security

Digital Forensics

Efficient Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithms

Ethical and Legal Implications

Formal Methods for Security

Firewall Evasion Techniques

Game Theory in Information Security

Hacking and Cybercrimes
Honeypots and Honeynets

Hardware Security

Hardware for Information Security

High Performance Computing applied to Information Security

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Incident Detection and Response

Intellectual Property Protection

Language-Based Security
Large-scale Attacks and Defense
Malware Detection and Analysis
Network Vulnerabilities
Organizational Security Policies
Public Key Cryptography
Public key infrastructure

Performance Security Solutions
Patents, Standards and Security Norms

Quantum Computing applied to Information Security
Quantum and Post-Quantum Cryptography
Modeling and Simulation of Security Systems
Software Vulnerabilities

Symmetric Cryptography

Secure Multi-Party Computation
Secure Software Development

Security Measures and Metrics

Security Risk Analysis
Security Protocols
Security in Operating Systems
Security in Service-Oriented Architecture
Security in Cloud Computing
Security in Mobile Communications

Trust Management and Reputation Systems
Validation, Verification, and Security Testing

*Instructions for Authors*

The papers must represent original contribution and can not be, previous
published (or in parallel submission) in any journals, magazines or
conferences – printed or electronic.

The submissions can be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English; but, in
any case, the title, the abstract and the keyword MUST be in English –
prior to be published at IEEE Xplore (Qualis, DOI, ISI). The submission
must be in anonymous mode, without author names, affiliation,
acknowledgement, or any other obvious reference to the authors. The paper
size is from 8 to 12 pages long, and the detailed format instructions are
available at
. All submissions shall be done via JEMS system, developed by SBC
(Brazilian Computer Society) at
https://submissoes.sbc.org.br/journalenigma (under
construction). Late Submission shall not be accepted. For more information
please contact journalenigma at gmail.com

<journalenigma at gmail.com>


* *

Ministério da Defesa / Exército Brasileiro / Departamento de Ciência e
Tecnologia / Centro de Defesa Cibernética (CDCiber)

Eduardo Takeo Ueda

*Associate Editor-in-Chief*
Mirela Sechi Moretti Annoni Notare

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