[Owasp-Mumbai] Do we need sensational/attention grabbing subject lines?

Vinil Menon vinilm at yahoo.com
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It maybe just me, but I am a bit concerned with our cavalier attitude to writing emails - especially ones that are meant to disseminate/share information among our peers. I am referring to the sensationalism in the subject line i.e  "AIIMS Delhi site hacked". 

a. We know it is not 'the AIIMS' and

b. We are not sure whether the site is really hacked or not. All we know is that the homepage looks a bit out of the ordinary. For all we know, it could be their admin who's put up a different home page. 

There is already too much misinformation around as easily evidenced by the Indiatimes article on tcs.com's DNS mishap and the comments on the article. Do "we" also need to add to the collective ignorance and foster FUD?

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Yes Dhruv,

I know...that's why Posted AIIMS-Delhi website hacked...not AIIMS website which is www.aiims.edu.
AIIMS-Delhi.in is an online facility for the AIIMS, Delhi, India for students seeking admission.

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Hi Nilesh,
>This is not the official website of AIIMS (www.aiims.edu/) rather is a group forum. This is what I could find from contact page of the hacked website out of Google cache “Please contact us at contact at aiims-delhi.in with all your questions and suggestions. We are a group of 16 people at the moment and hope to have you in our team to help.”
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>Take a look..
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Thanks & Regards,
Nilesh Kumar,
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