[Owasp-Mumbai] Un-Official No-Agenda Meetup

Yash Kadakia teccoder at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 10:36:42 EST 2008

Hi All,


I've been meaning to write to the list in-regards to the Un-Official
No-Agenda Meetup for a good 6 months now but things have always gotten in
the way along with a lack of time.


To update everybody, I did meet up at NSCI eventually with Dipak Parmar,
Parin Lapasia and Ashish Kirtikar. Even though it was only the 4 of us it
turned out to be a very interesting conversation that lasted nearly 3 hours.
Between the 4 of us, we had a IT Lawyer, Compliance Expert and Security
Professionals which ensured a varied range of discussion topics and
opinions. We talked about everything from the Wireless Security Issue,
Legality of my Indian Security Statistics Project, Legal views on Design and
Logic vulnerabilities, PCI Compliance and a very long list of other topics.


I thought the overall experience was very beneficial, especially interacting
with people who dealt with Information Security in such different roles and
would definitely be interested in "attempting" to organize another one of
these, hopefully with many more members attending this time.


I would love you to hear everybody's opinions on the matter and see if we
can organize the same sometime soon.

Yash Kadakia

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