[Owasp-Mumbai] FW: Can we help govt fight cyber crimes

Dharmesh Mehta dharmeshmm at owasp.org
Fri Oct 24 05:07:38 EDT 2008

Dear All,

It is really great to understand that all of us as professionals are willing
to help in all the means we can.

I think something which everyone feels is that - security awareness is
lacking !!
So let's nail on that item and work on it.

Do you think we should launch a city wide campaign to generate awareness?
Get media involved to help promote awareness?
Can Security Gurus in the Mumbai List - get one important topic every month
and roll it on different channels?
Example: Session for corporates/colleges. video upload on internet,
newspaper articles, etc?

What do you all think?

Thanks & Regards,
Dharmesh Mehta

On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 2:05 PM, Dinesh O'Bareja <dineshbareja at gmail.com>wrote:

> Friends - my practical 2 cents .. or I should say 2 paisa .....
> Do you really think it is possible for any organization to go out and train
> a few million people ? Lofty aspirations and nothing else. Someone thinks
> that a 3 hour session will be good to train students and they will carry the
> message to the masses. Wow - does this remind you of some political message
> being sent out by Gandhi.... go to every society and knock on every door and
> give them the gyan of WiFi security !
> Guys how much time wold it take to set your router ? And why not just have
> the dealers give a printed sheet which has instructions on how to do this -
> simple. And maybe the dealer can call the customer (as a community service)
> to check if he / she has made the settings. And why not ask Linksys and
> DLink etc to sell routers with default security settings in place ?
> You had a hundred workshops and then did anyone go home and secure the
> router ? Did anyone call for feedback. You spent 3 hours trying to "train"
> people for a five minute job !! C'mon on folks how much time does it take to
> configure the settings ?
> Maybe we can get together to make a video and post it on YouTube ? Take
> step by step images and post them on websites. Make this available to
> dealers at major electronics showrooms and cybercafes.
> And believe me it is high time the IS community did something about it
> rather than leaving it to organizations which have no clue about security
> except that it is a cost center !!
> And if we have a few guys here who would like to contribute to this sort of
> effort (no seminar please) then lets get someting going and show some people
> how to go about helping the community.
> Have a nice day.
> Dinesh
> On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 5:43 PM, ashish kirtikar <
> kirtikar_ashish at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Dharmesh,
>> I truly believe that it is us Security Professionals who should take an
>> initiative in creating the awareness amongst people. Along with the Cyber
>> Crime Cells of the regional police forces we can organize workshops to make
>> people aware of their common mistakes which hackers use to take over their
>> machines or networks.
>> In terms of WiFi it is truly necessary to make people aware of the
>> mandatory lockdowns or precautions they should follow to be well-protected
>> and secure. I have myself sometimes used connections of my neighbour in my
>> earlier dayz in college(though I m not really proud of it...but it was fun
>> then), till now we can do it.
>> Also, small organizations or firms having networks with open access to
>> internet (untrusted world) should be made aware of IT-security and its
>> importance. Also, we could collect generalized info in terms of options in
>> varied price ranges which these companies can buy and implement ( as all
>> cannot afford the firewalls, IDS, IPS and all the other devices seperately
>> due to budget issues). I believe UTM's are the answer but my understanding
>> on this device is still not complete so I would not comment much on it.
>> Also, as we are discussing on workshops I also want to suggest that we
>> should hold workshops creating awareness on "Phishing". I believe with the
>> increase of Internet and boom of Social Networking it is now the most
>> important thing.
>> Thanks & Regards,
>> Ashish Kirtikar
>> Security Engineer - Wipro Infotech
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>> Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 13:50:01 +0530
>> From: dharmeshmm at owasp.org
>> To: owasp-mumbai at lists.owasp.org
>> Subject: [Owasp-Mumbai] Can we help govt fight cyber crimes
>> Hi,
>> I was just re-looking at the blasts that have happened around the country
>> and connect with the broken wireless networks been attacked.
>> The immediate thing that probably comes to all of security gurus is
>> "Wireless security should have been done obviously".....
>> Essentially, I believe that for security experts in the industry, there
>> are more malicious attacks possible which we all concentrate based on
>> attackers trends.
>> Just a thought. Can OWASP Mumbai community members help NASSCOM and Cyber
>> Crime Cell fight against growing cyber attacks?
>> I think if we all can collaborate and share our knowledge with these guys,
>> we can work at best helping the government in addition to working for the
>> security industry.
>> Also, I was wondering, if anyone has contacts with Engineering and
>> Management Colleges / Universities, one of us in the community should go and
>> have an awareness session with these colleges.
>> Discussions, thoughts and actions are welcome..
>> Thanks & Regards,
>> Dharmesh Mehta
>> OWASP Mumbai Chapter Lead
>> http://smartsecurity.blogspot.com
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