[Owasp-Mumbai] Can we help govt fight cyber crimes

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I want be able to come tomorrow. If we are meeting on October 29, 2008 or October 31, 2008 I can make it.

Vicky D. Shah
"Human Behavior is the Biggest Risk in Security - Vicky D. Shah"

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Hi Everyone,

I just got off the phone with Dipak and both of us felt that it would be much more beneficial if some of us could sit down at an in-formal no agenda meet to simply talk.

We were thinking of meeting up sometime tomorrow possibly at the Lounge Cafe at NSCI (Worli - HajiAli).

I just wanted to check with the list and see if its possible for anyone else to meet us. Both of us are available most of tomorrow so the time is flexible. Also, if preferred we can probably push it to the weekend when more people are available.

If anyone is available either drop me a reply or you can give me a call at 9833375290.
Yash Kadakia

2008/10/23 Vicky D. Shah <shah.vicky at yahoo.com>

Dear Dharmesh and Yash.

Thank you.

I am working at NASSCOM and currently looking after the Security Initiatives.

I agree that the Media needs to be educated. But not in securing wi-fi but ethics and the way information is put up by them. With the recent developments most of the knowledge which has disseminated through papers are confusing and misguiding people.

We do various activities for school and colleges, police and coporate.

Security is a mindset problem. 

Well, I am not authorized to speak with media. We have our corporate manager looking after that. But i request both of you to do a story line and publish in some paper if they are willing too. I read an article from yash and vineet on rediff it is fairly good.

Best Regards,

Vicky D. Shah
"Human Behavior is the Biggest Risk in Security - Vicky D. Shah"

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There definitely needs to be awareness in-order to resolve a problem
like Wireless In-Security. However, I think that tying it down to
terrorism is pointless. We can secure every single wireless connection
in the country personally and the terrorists will just learn to use TOR
or some other secure medium.

In-regards to awareness, I think we need to focus more on getting
in-touch with the media than colleges. We could easily reach many more
people as a result of this. Possible come up with step-by-step detailed
instructions on how to easily secure commonly used routers such as the
Linksys WRT54G, DSL 502T and whatever else is commonly provided by
internet providers.

Another approach could be buy utilizing NASSCOM's position in the
industry to push internet providers to actually have these routers

I put up an article about the securing home wireless networks a while
back and can be found at:
(apologies for the plug).

Bottom-line: I will be happy to help in anyway possible.


Yash Kadakia

Dharmesh Mehta wrote:


I was just re-looking at the blasts that have happened around the
country and connect with the broken wireless networks been attacked. 

The immediate thing that probably comes to all of security gurus is
"Wireless security should have been done obviously".....


Essentially, I believe that for security experts in the industry, there
are more malicious attacks possible which we all concentrate based on
attackers trends. 


  Just a thought.
Can OWASP Mumbai community members help NASSCOM and Cyber Crime Cell
fight against growing cyber attacks?

  I think if we all
can collaborate and share our knowledge with these guys, we can work at
best helping the government in addition to working for the security


  Also, I was
wondering, if anyone has contacts with Engineering and Management
Colleges / Universities, one of us in the community should go and have
an awareness session with these colleges. 


thoughts and actions are welcome..


  Thanks &

  Dharmesh Mehta

  OWASP Mumbai
Chapter Lead



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