[Owasp-Mumbai] Penetration testing - effort estimation

Bishan Singh Kochher bishan at sumerusolutions.com
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Does that include reporting?

My estimation is on same lines as Dharmesh however I budget extra time for

My reporting time is based on what customer needs in the report. It
generally includes an executive summary & detailed report. But some
customers request for best practice documents, application rating and some

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Hi Sagar,

Interesting discussion thread, I must say. 

Well, based on our experience with testing application for security in-house
we have built a kind of metrics for estimates on few parameters. These
typically are # of dynamic pages and complexity of application (based on #
of input params) as simple, complex or very complex.

For 40-50 dynamic pages to be tested, we would ideally estimate 128 hours of
manual testing and 32 hours of regression.

Would surely like to know how others also would have estimated.

Dharmesh Mehta

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 6:23 PM, Sagar Surana <sagar.surana at amdocs.com>


	  I would like to start a new discussion here to discuss on effort
estimation for penetration testing. ( Keeping aside the business motivations
behind it. )


	There is a wide range of different ways that companies estimate
 , I
am currently facing a lot of problem is terms of demands of management is
terms of effort reduction for security testing


	Typically I estimate around 30-40 days of effort ( Including retest
) for a system with 40-50 dynamic screens
, lot of data driven, Oracle as


	The method is follow while testing is 

	Do a test Design ( 40% )

	Perform Test Execution ( 60% )


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