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OWASP Montreal - January 28th - Latest trends in Mobile Security

MAIN PRESENTER: Francois Proulx

ABSTRACT: Last AppSecUSA 2013 had a great line up of talks, especially
regarding mobile applications. This session will be covering all the
hottest presentations about mobile security by doing an overview from
what see saw at AppSecUSA, all with some slides and snippets of
presentations that was recorded at the event. Discussion will be
encouraged within the audience as this will be more a dynamic event than
a regular talk.

BIO: François Proulx is a senior mobile application developer who has
worked on dozens of iOS applications since the very beginning of the
Apple iOS platform. Over the past few years he has switched his focus to
security. He spends a lot of his free time participating in Capture the
Flag events (CTFs) and organizing the NorthSec security competition.

WHEN: January 28th 2014

WHERE: UQAM Room PK-1705, Pavillon Président-Kennedy (the big boat at
Place des Arts) - 201 Avenue du Président-Kennedy J2X 3Y7

REGISTRATION: http://owaspmtl-mobilesecurity.eventbrite.ca

SPONSOR: Academic partner AGEEI-UQAM - http://www.ageei.org/

 18:00-18:25 Networking
 18:25-18:30 Welcome speech by Chapter Leader (Jonathan M.)
 18:30-20:00 Main session and open discussion: Mobile Security
 20:00-...   End of the meeting in a pub



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Slides from OWASP Top 10 et ISO/IEC 27034 Sécurité des applications par
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