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Jonathan Marcil jonathan.marcil at owasp.org
Mon Aug 5 01:02:12 UTC 2013

We are happy to announce the first OWASP Canada wide call, which will
hopefully become the first in a series of events designed to connect the
OWASP community across the country!

On Wednesday, August 7th, various chapters across Canada will join a
virtual call with a speaker from Vancouver delivering a streaming talk, and
engaging the entire community.

OWASP Canada

Bug Bounty Program for the Web

Speaker: Raymond Forbes, Web Security Engineer, Mozilla Corporation

Date & Time: Wednesday August 7th, 6:00 EDT

This talk will look at the Mozilla bug bounty program and how it has helped
with web security.  We will be looking at the history of the program, how
it is set up, some successes and common concerns.

Raymond has been a web security engineer with Mozilla since 2011, and is
visiting OWASP Vancouver chapter from Seattle, WA.

The event will be streamed via our Youtube channel
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