[ OWASP - Montreal ] Multiples request to the Board of OWASP Montreal

Jonathan Marcil jonathan.marcil at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 14:45:02 UTC 2012


I have a *lot* of requests and ideas, but I'll start with the first one
I had last year :

I would like to join the board of Montreal chapter in order to be able
to "plug" OWASP Montreal during ConFoo (http://confoo.ca/en).

Note that I did it anyway last year. Since I'm part of the ConFoo
selection team, I did my best to put some OWASP content here and there.
We did speak about OWASP in front of the 650 participants with leaders
from Switzerland, France and Montreal.

Also, OWASP Montreal was listed in the official ConFoo Program :

Official recognition from the board would be great and I'm already
planning to do something special at next ConFoo in order to have good
visibility for OWASP in general and for our chapter.

For the other things, let's say I saw people interested to do more at
last OWASP Montreal meeting and I think we have a really thriving
security community in Montreal. That gave me many ideas that would mix
well with a more active local chapter than it is right now.


- Jonathan

On 2012-10-09 22:28, gueb wrote:
> Hi OWASP Montreal.
> Some board members received requests or complaints, since multiple
> months, regarding the chapter.
> - I am unable to reach some peoples on the board
> - I would like to join or leave the board
> - I would like to be president
> - What is happening?
> - When is the next meeting?
> - etc.
> We are actually trying to reach Phil Gamache, and we will organize a
> board meeting soon the set the future of OWASP Montreal.
> If you have any request, ideas, projects, partnership proposal etc, it
> is a good timing to reply to this email.
> Thanks for your patience.
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