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Jonathan Marcil jonathan.marcil at owasp.org
Fri Nov 9 14:32:16 UTC 2012

[ Chapter leader candidate presentation for OWASP Montreal ]

Jonathan Marcil
jonathan.marcil at owasp.org

[Personal background]
Jonathan is involved in many communities events in new technologies
and recently part of ConFoo, a web techno conference, where he is on
the advisory board for security related talks. His main occupation is
consulting in Web security, but deep down he is a developer with a
agnostic vision of programming languages. He has a diploma in Software
Engineering from Ecole de Technologie Superieure and has more than 10
years of experience in Information Technology and Security.

I was VP of a startup last year and I’m not anymore. So basically I
have lots of time for OWASP Montreal and I’m really motivated to help

[OWASP Background]
- Registered member of OWASP since August 2011.
- Represented OWASP at ConFoo 2012; Organized OWASP awareness trough
talk and a lunch speak. Represented OWASP Montreal interest.
International relation with European OWASP leaders.
- ConFoo 2013 is already under preparation and the same representation
will be provided.
- Arranged 3 talks at OWASP Montreal in the last year and a half.
Assisted most of the talks since 2 years.
- Volunteered two full days at BlackHat 2012 for the OWASP as the
“technical OWASP guy”. Met Sarah and Kelly from OWASP Global and a lot
of OWASP chapter and project leaders.
- Regular following of OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set Project.
- Representation at AppSec USA 2012 for the Montreal chapter. Attended
the Chapter Workshop. North American contacts for our chapter.
Volunteered as a "secondary speaker proctor" (helper during a talk).

[Planned contributions to the chapter]
- Increased social networks presence.
- Regular event organisation, diversification of events, not just
talks but other meetings related to OWASP projects when no speakers
are available.
- Participation from Montreal in official OWASP projects.
- Direct reach of international speakers during conferences around the world.

[Other plans]
- Integrate OWASP as a featured attraction at the next ConFoo conference.
- I have a bag full of OWASP stickers and will provide them for free.

Thank you for your consideration,

- Jonathan

On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 2:34 AM, gueb <gueb at owasp.org> wrote:
> A majority of members from the board voted to elect a new chapter leader.
> From today, open for a week, reply-all to this email and present yourself
> and why you should be the next chapter leader of OWASP Montreal.
> The board will review all candidate and vote for the new leader.
> Thanks
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