[ OWASP - Montreal ] New leadership at OWASP Montreal, QC, Canada

Benoit Guerette gueb at owasp.org
Tue Dec 18 17:44:52 UTC 2012

Hi OWASP Montreal!

I would like to announce (Benoit Guerette) a change in the leadership
of our chapter, effective today.

Jonathan Marcil as been elected, after a public request for
candidates, and an evaluation from our board, as the new chapter
leader of OWASP Montreal. Jonathan is actually very involved in the
OWASP organization, so it is a great news for the organization.

I would like to thanks Philippe Gamache for its involvement since the
beginning of the chapter, and particularly for the last 2 years. He
brings us presenters from europe for the first time, and also helped
as a backup to support some priorities on my side. Thanks Philippe!

Here is a recap, and as you can see, this change support our
philosophy to renew the leadership every 2 years.

2008-2010 - Benoit Guerette, founder and chapter leader
2011-2012 - Philippe Gamache, chapter leader (vice chapter-leader since
2013-....    - Jonathan Marcil, chapter leader

All 3 of us are still active members of the OWASP Montreal board

Jonathan, welcome on board!
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