[ OWASP - Montreal ] Made-in-Montreal Vega compared against other web security tools

David Mirza dma at subgraph.com
Tue Aug 2 19:53:16 EDT 2011

Hey guys,

Thanks for the opportunity to present in July.

Montreal made, open-source Vega was recently compared against a battery
of other commercial and non-commercial scanners. We did pretty damn
good, considering we're still in beta and just released a month ago:


We have a bunch of improvements coming, I'll announce something soon.

Check it out, try Vega, if you haven't already, come to MTLSEC, give
feedback in person. Looking forward to hearing from OWASP Montreal.

David Mirza <dma at subgraph.com> | @attractr
Subgraph | @subgraph
Vega, the Open Source Web Security Platform

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