[ OWASP - Montreal ] Travaux en cours pour relancer le chapitre

Benoit Guerette benoit.guerette at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 15:16:36 EST 2008

Here is the english version, I will use english if nobody has
objections, since some members don't speak french.

1 dec 2008
- Great news! CGI my employer is ready to host the meetings and offer
drinks. The room can hold ~20 persons, surely enough for the first
meeting. There is a white, board, a projector and a conf call polycom.
The room is at 111 duke in the old montreal, 10 minutes walk from
downtown.  http://tinyurl.com/5qfnq8

28 nov 2008
- Contact with Philippe Gamache to continue is work on the chapter
- Wiki uptaded
- Asked OWASP to remove the 'é' in the chapter name's. Accents should
be encoded to be correct regarding the URI RFC. It is easier to remove
it before starting the referencing job with google.
- I posted the URL in some personal forums I used (backlinks + pub)
- Asked CGI for a room, sponsorship, food or prizes
- Contact with OWASP to get material for the first meeting
- Creation og a new linked group 'owasp montreal'
- Presented the chapter on sunquebec.com


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