[Owasp-modsecurity-core-rule-set] Why is rule 981318 triggering?

Ryan Barnett RBarnett at trustwave.com
Thu Aug 23 16:39:50 UTC 2012

Is this an application that you control?  It looks as though this is some
type of search field where the user can type in text.  If this is the
case, then I suggest that the application use proper Unicode encoding of
the input data so that the param field would be - keywords=%u0119 rather
than keywords=ę.

In addition, I would suggest that you add the following to your
ModSecurity main config file -

SecUnicodeCodePoint 20127
SecUnicodeMapFile /path/to/unicode.mapping

You will need to adjust the first directive to suit your local code point.
 20127 maps to US-ASCII.  The unicode.mapping file comes bundled with the
ModSecurity source code.  By using these directives, any t:urlDecodeUni
transformation functions will map the Unicode data to the mappings you


On 8/23/12 9:34 AM, "Christian Klossek" <c.klossek at apodiscounter.de> wrote:

>I'm using modsecurity 2.6.7 with CRS 2.2.5 on a debian squeeze system.
>Why is the rule 981318 triggering on a GET-param with a value of "ę"
>(Unicode U+0119)?
>I get this in my debug log (debug level 9):
>Injection Attack: Common Injection Testing
>to "REQUEST_FILENAME|ARGS_NAMES:keywords|ARGS:keywords".
>T (0) urlDecodeUni: "/test.php"
>Transformation completed in 13 usec.
>Executing operator "rx" with param
>Target value: "/test.php"
>Operator completed in 9 usec.
>T (0) urlDecodeUni: "keywords"
>Transformation completed in 13 usec.
>Executing operator "rx" with param
>against ARGS_NAMES:keywords.
>Target value: "keywords"
>Operator completed in 4 usec.
>T (0) urlDecodeUni: "\xc4\x99"
>Transformation completed in 14 usec.
>Executing operator "rx" with param
>against ARGS:keywords.
>Target value: "\xc4\x99"
>Added regex subexpression to TX.0: \x99
>Added regex subexpression to TX.1: \x99
>Operator completed in 38 usec.
>Setting variable: tx.msg=%{rule.msg}
>Resolved macro %{rule.msg} to: SQL Injection Attack: Common Injection
>Testing Detected
>Thanks for your help
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