Adam Shostack adam at reflectivecorp.com
Thu Sep 9 14:21:29 EDT 2004

Hi Rachel,

	I'm on a plane then, and won't be able to make it.



On Sep 9, 2004, at 8:42 AM, Rachel O'Connell wrote:

> Dear OWASP Metrics and Measurement Committee Members-
> Due to the lack of a quorum for today's meeting, we will reschedule 
> the Committee meeting for next Wednesday, September 15th, at 2pm 
> Eastern. 
> In the meantime, please continue to brainstorm your 'important 
> metrics' lists and send them on to me for inclusion in Wednesday's 
> agenda.
> Thank you-
> Rachel O'Connell
> Executive Director
> OWASP Metrics and Measurement Committee

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