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Roy Crowder roy.crowder at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 15:09:36 EST 2011


Thanks to all those who attended the meeting this afternoon. After our
discussions I decided to read up on some of the requirements we are required
to meet as a chapter. Below are the minimum activity requirements to remain
a sanctioned chapter of OWASP:

The minimum activity required by a chapter is 4 meetings a year:

   - The attendance should be on average 10 people for each 1 million
   residents in the area served. For example, if a chapter serves an area with
   5 million residents, there should be 50 people on average in each meeting.
   - The agenda should be published at least a week prior to the meeting
   date on the Wiki.
   - The 1st chapter meeting should be within 3 months of a chapter's
   founding and should have at least 15 people attending.

Note that this is a minimum activity and a successful OWASP chapter should
do much more as outlined in other sections of this manual.

With this in mind, please start introducing the local chapter to your
friends and colleagues. Try getting them to commit to the joint ISSA / OWASP
meeting February 24th. Let's get this chapter moving.

Thanks and have a great day!
Roy Crowder
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