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We have had to change the date, time and room for the upcoming talk this week.

Date: Thursday April 25th

Time : 1pm - 2pm
Room: Adsetts 6620

Overview: Even with the highest levels of cyber-security, the human element of a government or organisation is potentially the most vulnerable to targeting by cyber-criminals, in a bid to gain unlawful access to data, services, buildings, systems or to specific individuals. Operatives may also be forced to carry actions against their will, by criminals making threats against them, their families, colleagues or friends.

Due to the rapid development of the Internet and the unprecedented growth of social media, never before has so much information been so freely available on peoples’ lives, habits, movements and relationships. The latest smart phones and tablets can create geo-locational data and with the improved accuracy of GPS, the growth of mobile malware, harvesting of personal data by apps, along with the popularity of using social media, a new level of risk exists that has not been experienced before.

Many government operatives may not be regular users of social networks or smart phones, but their children, spouse or friends may be; therefore by targeting these individuals there is a strong chance of cyber-criminals engineering their way to the operatives and organisation. By explaining some methods used by criminals, such as profiling of potential victims, along with some case studies, Mr Benford will demonstrate some of the risks involved and their mitigation. This will also cover how to use portable devices such as tablets and smart phones safely.


I would like to invite you all to a couple of talks we have coming up at the University.

24th April @ 12 - 1: Adsetts Learning Center - 6619
David Benford from Black Stage forensics - the dangers of social networking. David is an expert in forensics and security, particularly mobile technologies.

1st May @ 12 - 1: Adsetts Learning Center - 6619
Chris Waynforth and Malcolm Dundas (RSA and EMC) - "The Anatomy of an Attack"
Chris and Malcolm will be talking about their own high profile system breach and the lessons to be learned.

Directions and Map:


Note: You will want to be on the Arundel Gate side of the Adsetts Center.

Unfortunately we don't have any parking to offer. However, there is an NCP next door.


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