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Jemputan Persidangan Sumber Terbuka Malaysia 2013 (MOSC2013) @ MOSCMY

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

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Bersama email ini dipanjangkan jemputan penyertaan MOSC2013
http://www.mosc.my/ untuk tindakan pihak Tan Sri / Dato / Tuan / Puan.

Persidangan Sumber Terbuka Malaysia 2013 atau dengan ringkasnya MOSC2013
adalah acara tahunan anjuran Komuniti Sumber Terbuka Malaysia dengan kerja
sama Open Source Developers Club Malaysia (OSDC.my) dan IMS ASIA. Ia akan
diadakan dari 10 hingga 11 September 2013 di G Tower Hotel, Jalan Tun
Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tema persidangan untuk tahun ini adalah
"Boosting Mobility".

MOSC2013 akan menjadi platfrom perkongsian pengetahuan yang mengandungi dua
haluan perbincangan yang akan mewakili semua pihak yang terlibat dalam
dunia Sumber Terbuka; iaitu pembangun perisian termasuk komuniti Sumber
Terbuka, kerajaan dan juga sektor perniagaan. Persidangan ini mensasarkan
penyertaan daripada agensi kerajaan dan sektor perindustrian dan
perniagaan, terutamanya sekitar Kuala Lumpur dan Cyberjaya. Ini adalah
peluang yang amat baik untuk komuniti sumber terbuka Malaysia,
memperkenalkan keupayaan teknologi Sumber Terbuka kepada pihak swasta dan

Surat jemputan boleh muat turun disini dalam bentuk PDF


Sekiranya tuan/puan memerlukan penjelasan lanjut, sila hubungi  di alamat
emel secretariat at mosc.my

Senarai penuh penceramah-penceramah :-


Antara penceramah-penceramah yang menyertai MOSC2013 :-

(1)  Azani Arshad LPI, Master Affiliate for ASEAN

Azani has tremendous experience in the IT and Telecom industry for the last
20 years.  He started his career in the hospitality industry and then moved
to financial and banking industry in developing the financial trade system.

Upon joining LPI, Azani has been heading numerous important technical
projects, including one where he designed and built a
state---of---the---art 24/7 contact center in Malaysia. He has also been
working with a company called Panapto, a US---based company which
specialized in providing software solution for video lecture capture in
Education and Enterprise market.

Currently, he is driving the business development for LPI in ASEAN region
in Education and Enterprise markets.

(2)  Sam Moffatt, Joomla! Project

Sam Moffatt is a long term web applications developer with a broad range of
experience from the government and university sector in Australia to eBay
in the US as well as long contributions to the Joomla! Project.

Sam is presently working on real time analytics systems for Sears Holdings
in San Jose, California. Sam's work at Sears takes him from system
administration with Puppet to building scalable systems using Storm.

(3)  Patrick Beaucamp Founder / CEO BPM-Conseil, France

"Bi mobility"

Patrick Beaucamp is founder and Ceo of Bpm-conseil, a french company first
dedicated to business intelligence (BI) and BPM platform integration. With
almost 20 years of experience in BI area, with participation in early 90s
to Cognos PowerPlay & Impromptu launch in West Europe, Patrick has founded
in 2007 the Vanilla Open Source BPI Project, rewarded by independant
analysts as one of the Top 10 successfull French Open Source Project (April
09) and as major competitor of SAP Business Object, IBM Cognos and
Microstrategy platform (November 09).

(4)  Errazudin Ishak

Errazudin holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science (Sofware Engineering)
and works as a Solutions Architect at Bell Digital Media (Australia), based
in Kuala Lumpur. While his night job might vary from part time security
guard, chef and drifter, his day job focuses on web application
architecture, deployment, security, performance and stability.

He has spoken at several meet-ups and conferences and has worked with
various back-end and web technologies. In his free time he loves to emulate
Rafael Nadal’s swerving forehand on court, or trying to be nice to his 2
male cats.

{5)  Ryusuke Kajiyama MySQL Sales Consulting Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan

Kajiyama-san is responsible for pre-sales activities, covering all Asia
including GC, HK and India. He also work as certified MySQL instructor,
delivering trainings in those regions.

Prior to joining Sun (MySQL), he worked as Systems Consultant at Nomura
Research Institute, Japan’s largest consulting firm, working on systems
design of mission critical enterprise systems utilizing open source
software. Major customers are Nomura Securities, E*Trade Japan,
Seven-Eleven, Japan Post, and Nikkei Inc. He is well-versed in both
business and technology of open source software.

(6) Mark John Rees CTO, Century Software

Over his 30+ years as a programmer, Mark has programmed in many languages,
but has the most fun programming in Python which he has been using since
1997 aka Python 1.4. He is a contributor to a number of Python Open Source.
He is currently Chief Technology Officer for Century Software (M) Sdn Bhd,
a Malaysian software solutions company that uses Python & Open Source
software in many of it's offerings. He has spoken at a number of Open
Source conferences including OSDC.au, MOSDC, PyCon AU & Pycon APAC.

(7)  Harish Pillay Chief Technology Architect, Red Hat Asia Pacific

Mr. Harish Pillay has been Chief Technology Architect, South Asia of Red
Hat Inc., since September 29, 2003. Mr. Pillay is responsible for revenue
growth in South Asia through the expansion of Red Hat resources and
enterprise customer support in the region. He joined Red Hat from Maringo
Tree Technologies, an open source consultancy and services company he
co-founded in 2002.

A leading advocate of open source software, Mr. Pillay co-founded the Linux
Users'' Group Singapore in 1993. He is a senior member of the Singapore
Computer Society and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic

(8) Ong Tee Kok Country Head, Novell Malaysia

As Country Head, Tee Kok (TK) is responsible for promoting NetIQ, Novell
and SUSE's innovative products and solutions combining the best of open
source technologies and open standards based commercial software.

Tee Kok brings over 18 years of industry experience in ASEAN to his role
and is focused on delivering innovative solutions, quality products, and
exceptional service to customers in a manner that supports both their
tactical and strategic business requirements; the purpose of which has an
overarching goal of customer success and long term loyalty.

(9) Sammy Fung Linux User Group Hong Kong

Sammy Fung is a software developer living in Hong Kong who like rock &
roll, sports and photography. He was the co-founder and founding chairman
of Hong Kong Linux User Group which is established in 1997.  He also act as
advisor of Opensource Application Knowledge Association since 2006, and
built opensource.hk web site to keep promoting open source.  He wrote Linux
articles for PC Weekly in 1999, and contributes Linux articles for a couple
of years since 2001.

Sekiranya tuan/puan memerlukan penjelasan lanjut, sila hubungi  di alamat
emel secretariat at mosc.my

Maklumat pendaftaran boleh dilihat di http://www.mosc.my/register

Sila lawat laman rasmi MOSC2013 untuk maklumat lanjut dan terkini


Like Facebook Malaysia Open Source Conference


Sekian, Terima Kasih.

Harisfazillah Jamel

Komuniti Sumber Terbuka Malaysia

13 Ogos 2013


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