[Owasp-Malaysia] Hackerspace KL Security Meetup - SCADA 101 (5th April, 8-10pm @ HSKL)

Meling Mudin melingm at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 06:07:14 EDT 2011


   - What is SCADA?
   - What is inside a SCADA system?
   - Where can you find SCADA system?
   - How it is used in industries?

In this presentation, I will walk you through:

   - Introduction to SCADA system
   - The usage of SCADA system in industries
   - Introduction to SCADA security


   - 5/4/2011, 8pm – 10pm (Tuesday)


   - HackerspaceKL


   - Everyone is invited. If you want to know the answers to those
   questions, you should be there!


   - Free for members. We’re all about keeping knowledge free, but in the
   real world that we live in, everything requires money. Hence non-members are
   required a minimum donation of RM15. Your donation will be used for the
   upkeep of the space.

More information at:

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