[Owasp-Malaysia] incoming kevin mitnick book

Katie Kitty admin at flamehaze.info
Fri Mar 11 13:53:52 EST 2011

Since I received a lot of request regarding the ebooks of Kevin Mitnick, so
I think it is better if I just upload it to the internet and let everyone
who want the ebook just go and download it.

Here is the link to download:
*http://garfield.tk/files/Kevin Mitnick - The Arts Collection.tar.gz*

If you are reading this, hope that you don't mind that we are reading you
books without paying you.
I'm sure you understand why we do this. Well, don't worry, we will not
download or read <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsutomu_Shimomura>Tsutomu
Shimomura's books. So you are still famous among all the geeks!

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