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1st OWASP Tutorial Appsec Video.


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Hi OWASP Leaders,

I'm putting together a set of tutorial videos - little promo videos for
OWASP, and in the coming weeks quick-start tutorials on the most active
OWASP projects.  This way when people want a quick introduction to CSRF
Guard, WebScarb, Antisamy, Top 10, Antisamy .NET, ESAPI, whatever, we'll
have a quick 10 minute video that 1) explains the basics and 2) gets
them started using that project in an noob-friendly way.

I've already put together episode 1 (introductory episode), and I've
gotten very helpful feedback from Andrew van der Stock, Jim Manico and
Cecil Su.  I'd like to present episode 1 to the OWASP leaders to get
more feedback before i finish up episode 2 (already under production).


All feedback is helpful - feel free to email me directly.  I already
know there are a few little typeo's in episode 1 (which i'll go back and
fix soon), but feedback especially on the overall feel, flow, scope and
target audience would be very helpful.

Thanks Leaders!
Jerry Hoff

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