[Owasp-Malaysia] bounty for hackers

Hazrul Hamzah hazrul at hazrulnz.net
Wed Jan 26 05:07:02 EST 2011

Nice, another hardware hacker :D Maybe since Russia is cold country, he
doesn't have to worry about the devices heat. A good hack.

On cracker thingy, I think that's why they invented the white hat and
black hat since for media hacker -eq cracker.

> some may get angry since hacker should refers to people who codes, and
> the bad guys should be called as crackers.
> but seems hardly to see press heading uses "cracker" or notorious cracker
> etc.
> but i like this one.
> http://www.pcworld.com/article/208655/russian_hacker_builds_70_terabyte_home_computer.html

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