[Owasp-Malaysia] bounty for hackers

Hazrul Hamzah hazrul at hazrulnz.net
Wed Jan 26 04:58:42 EST 2011

The motivation is different now. Before, one of the main goals of
hacking/cracking is more towards fulfilling ones curiosity. I guess u need
to understand why those MIT guys invented the term Hacker. I think hackers
already exist back in WWII when those guys break the Enigma code.

Now? More on financial motivation. Botnets, spamming, phising, Identity
Theft, DDoS - those are the tools to gain financial rewards.

I guess the image of basement computer labs, long haired hippy styled
hacker  replaced by people with business suits ;P

Since the reward is good, the bar of the game already raised. These guys
are the ones that we should be worried of. Why?

Because they (most of them la) have the goals, the skills and knowledge to
obtain that goals and they are here to stay.
An they are the ones who hold the hacking/cracking maxim "Minimize signal,
 maximize access, maximize damage" compared to the ones that brag to the
whole world on others vulnerabilities via so called "Full Disclosure"
without providing any advisory ;)

Because the latter is easier to trace :D

> Some people said he was  "Entrepreneur Hacker". Now day many Hackers
> Professional are businessman :)

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