[Owasp-Malaysia] A man of honor

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Thu Jan 20 22:20:57 EST 2011


"During 2000 and 2001, Ph.D. student Niels Provos would occasionally
drive from the University of Michigan across the border into Canada
and spend the weekend working on an open-source cryptography project
that would end up becoming one of the most widely used network
security technologies ever: OpenSSH. He couldn't work on it in his Ann
Arbor office, or he would have run afoul of restrictive U.S. export
regulations designed to keep strong crypto out of the hands of

"One of the things I love about him is he's guileless," says Dug Song,
who studied with Provos at the University of Michigan, drove him on
some of his cross-border code-writing runs, and later co-founded Duo
Security. "He's a very honest and open person, [and] he has a lot of

Something which would love to learn from him. I bought his book on
Virtual Honeypot years back.

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