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Shaiffulnizam Mohamad shaifful at joomla.my
Tue Jan 11 07:18:26 EST 2011

I'll handle the legalities with my ISP. What you need to do is just hacking
my website.
Don't put it on the waste. Don't hack the ISP. If you do that, I will not be

Let say, JUST deface my website. Not the whole server I mean the server
which holde the VPS. I just need to make sure that Joomla is really secured.


On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 6:16 PM, Hazrul Hamzah <hazrul at hazrulnz.net> wrote:

> Bro,
> Does the prize includes exemption or total immunity from Egypt Cyber Law
> or any law of that country that related to this? Any act of policy
> violation can be considered as security incident. I believe most of us do
> not want to be a digital fugitive and I do want to visit the pyramids in
> Egypt one day ;)
> Sorry if I do sound like an overly paranoid person but it is better to be
> safe than sorry eh.. Many many many years a go a guy with an internet
> handle called bluescreen thrown into a Jail in Japan for this kind of
> thingy.. he is a malaysian allrite :D
> Thanks and cheers
> > My own VPS located at egypt, protected with CloudFlare :)
> > Basic Joomla 1.6, no mod_rewrite, system run on debian lenny,
> > basic firewall system. Please check the site. https://sslcheckoutnow.com
> > Do I need to provide my dedicated IP? I don't think so. Hehehe, try to
> > guest
> > my site and my IP. Deface it as you need.
> > I don't care,* but please. Provide me what you have done*, if you can
> > deface
> > it. It will really helps a lot of people, and the person who can deface
> > it.
> > Win get a prize worth RM 300 of Joomla! Goodies.
> >
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