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Tue Jan 11 01:24:45 EST 2011

a) The system location is Malaysia. the dns hosting is mschosting.com for
ns101.mschosting.com > simplelinux.my
b) My friend and I own the system. the directory is
/public_html/simplelinux/alpha > simpleLinux.my. this is a shared hosting
c) I don't sure..

perhaps my server is hard to be hacked ";)" because it's a shared server, or
perhaps, not... or should I just touch up the system... [dunno to much about
this mod-mod and .htaccess things

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 2:19 PM, Hazrul Hamzah <hazrul at hazrulnz.net> wrote:

> Before that bro, perhaps in order to avoid any entanglement with the LEA
> we shud clarify few things.
> a). The said systems location? In country?
> b). Who own the system? Own in sense of you have this system in your own
> premise, using your own subscribed line etc
> c). Will the exercise involve any internet connection? Or just within LAN?
> If everything is belong to you, I dun see any prob but if other parties
> involved (providers, ISPs, etc) then I believe in requesting consent or
> authorization in written.
> Lesson learned bro, I've seen people who learned from the hard way ;)
> thanks and cheers
> > so the red team arrange a series of attacks on the server, while the blue
> > team will detect the vulnerabilities... sounds great. my Joomla
> networking
> > comes from absolute zero security mod, while have about 3 vulnerable mod
> > such as mod_rewrite etc etc..
> >
> > an "exercise" should be best, it surely benefits much. so.. who want to
> > nicely and prudently "hack" me?
> >
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